Team Building

Team building service is one of our most popular programmes. The outcome that we want to achieve goes beyond simply good memories of a fun day. With our customised programme, we hope it allows you to get to know your colleagues better by breaking down the usual personality barriers of day-to-day office life, and gives all employees an opportunity to express themselves differently in a fun environment. As an event company, the feedback from our customers is that their employees return to the office after each event with an improved attitude and refreshed outlook on their work situation.

We recognise that there is “no one size fits all” approach as all customers are different. Hence, we developed our very own FunWorks “TEAM” Persona model to better understand our customers’ needs and wants. By adopting the “different strokes for different folks” approach, we will be able to tailor our activities based on customer’s corporate culture and team profile.


FunWorks Challenges!

We have developed numerous types of challenge for our team building event. Each challenge such as the FunWorks Running Man defines the overall structure of a team building event. Within each challenge, there are hundreds of different activities that we can combine to make the experience more engaging and achieve the objectives for our customers.

Many of our team building activities encourage people to look at problems and situations differently, thereby giving your employees improved problem-solving skills and greater creativity in developing solutions.

FunWorks! Running Man Challenge

A fun-filled event package that consists of various team building challenges and activities adapted from the popular Korean TV Show Running Man.

The highlight of the Running Man Challenge is the “Name Tag Race” where teams have to tear off the name tags of other teams to be the ultimate winner!

FunWorks! Final One Challenge

In the ever popular FunWorks Final One Challenge, teams have to complete tasks, solve puzzles and use the clues given to accomplish their mission. The game is made even more challenging as teams have to strategise and collect digit tags and operators along the way.

To win the Final One challenge, teams have to complete all missions and reach the final destination with an equation formed to give the value of one.

FunWorks! Time Crisis Challenge

A race against time,  teams must complete various challenges to obtain the passcode to dismantle a “time bomb”.

Teams will be given clue cards to their mission objective. For every successful challenge, teams will be given additional clues to the location of a mystery box that contains the passcode.

Go fast or be prepared to get “bombed”!

FunWorks! Food Hunter Challenge

A “full-filling” challenge that takes the teams on a scavenger hunt of local foods in Singapore.

Each team will be given a budget to complete the entire FunWorks Food Hunt challenge.

The best part of this challenge is that you get to eat a lot of food, without the worry of putting extra weight as teams are expected to complete a few challenges before they are given the clues to their food!


[email protected]

This newly introduced programme is gaining much popularity with our customers. Our [email protected] Programme is designed to build closer working relationship, enhance work-life balance and most importantly create a warm and happy culture within the organisation.

The activities can come in the form of team building, sports and recreation activities, health and wellness talks and workshops. We can also facilitate learning on specific topics and can be combined with annual staff retreats in which company news and information is presented, or for the purpose of delivering professional seminars and skills development programs.

There is an increasing trend for companies to see the importance and benefits of fostering friendships and a sense of community within the organisation. According to a recent study conducted by JobStreet.com, salary is no longer the most important factor that employees consider when deciding to take up a job offer – it is only the third most important factor. About 72.1% of the interviewees voted work culture, management and leadership as the key factors when reviewing a potential company.

Our feedback from customers is that the [email protected] Programme is a relatively cheap but effective way to enhance communication in the office, increase sense of belonging to the organisation, and encourage positive interaction with colleagues. By Investing a small amount of funds into employee engagement activities, staff are able to meet and interact with people they have not met or worked with before and make new friends. Our customers also shared that as many of the activities can be conducted during lunch break at their office premises, it will not affect their daily operations. In fact, with closer working relationship, employees are able to complete their tasks more efficiently and thus improve productivity.


Dinner & Dance & Family Day

The annual Dinner & Dance or Family Day are highly-anticipated events for every employee as it is the day where company celebrates and rewards their staff’s contributions throughout the year.

We provide end-to-end service, from pre-planning, concept development to actual day execution. We work closely with our customers to understand their desired event outcome. We will then propose the theme setting, prepare the audio and visual set up (lighting, sound systems), oversee the visual design and production (backdrop, invitation cards etc) as well as entertainment management (emcee, photo booth etc).

We recognise that the night belongs to you and your employees. Hence, all you need to do is to show off your creative sides by dressing up for the themed event and be prepared to be amused, impressed and entertained throughout the event. Funworks will take care of every other things!


Sports and Recreation

FunWorks helps schools and businesses to organise sports and recreation activities. The aim of such events is to create opportunities for students and employees to enjoy sports, celebrate fitness and achieve sense of accomplishment.

Our sports and recreation encompasses a wide range of activities. Apart from the traditional sports day activities, some of our popular non-traditional activities include the FunWorks Dodgeball, Carpet Race, Giant Skip, Beach Volleyball etc. We also offer numerous recreation activities. If you prefer to stay indoors, you can opt for our indoor activities such as our Office Olympics, Paint with your Crew or FunWorks Master Chef.

Like all events, we provide end-to-end service, from pre-planning, concept development to actual day execution. We work closely with our customers to understand their desired event outcome before we propose the games, book the venue, oversee the visual design and production (backdrop, invitation cards etc)  as well as entertainment management (emcee, photo booth etc).


Strategic Planning, Retreat & Training

FunWorks helps our customers to organise strategic planning or retreat session. The objective of such events is to set their strategic goals, improve operational efficiency and drive world class levels of performance, while improving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Such events can also be conducted concurrently with a team building session. Usually, our customers will conduct a half day retreat session, followed by team building activities in the afternoon. Alternatively, you can also conduct the retreat and team building on separate days.

On top of organising such retreat sessions, we also offer comprehensive strategic planning service for our customers. Depending on your needs, we may require multiple meet-ups as we help you to create a comprehensive strategic plan, set KPIs and goals to lead your organisation to the next level of performance. The plan will provide a three-to-five year roadmap to guide your organisational development and help to eliminate the “wastes” that can result from poor planning. Some of the strategies we adopt include the SWOT format which will deliver a comprehensive performance analysis of your current operating model.

Lastly, we also help our customers conduct research and business study of their businesses. We adopt the Design Thinking methodology to uncover the needs, wants and desires of your customers and using the insights, we will then propose recommendations and develop a strategic plan to improve your existing business model. Some of our customers would also engage us to help them to implement the changes.