art jam big picture team building event

What is the usual routine for a Friday morning? For most people, that would be getting ready to head to work. However, on this special Friday, the NTU SAO team had a series of team building events lined up for them! (How lucky!)

Participants started streaming in at the start of the event, and bit by bit, chatter started filling the hall. While some were slowly taking in their morning, others eagerly caught up with one another. Upon registration and arrival of all participants, a motivating and inspiring opening speech was given by SAO’s in charge. Thereafter, the first opening activity was set in motion!

getting to know one another ice breaker
sharing during ice breaker segment

Getting to Know Each other

Beginning on a more sentimental side, participants teamed up with one another to share their ‘Good Old Days’. With their significant item held in hand, SAO participants had their hearts on their sleeves while opening up to their fellow colleagues. Gathered around the hall in small clusters, some solemn while others funny, stories were being shared. At the end of this activity, everyone had a deeper understanding of one another and shared a connection that extended beyond mere colleagues!

A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

With a deeper connection formed, participants then split into their various teams to commence on the Big Picture challenge. Each team had to paint using paintbrushes as well as their fingerprints to leave a mark on not just the canvas. 

The art was not just literal, but symbolic of leaving their mark as a member of this team, this organisation. Unlike the usual art jamming workshop that you join, in this art jamming big picture team building component, teams had to work within themselves alongside the other teams to accurately replicate the ‘big picture’ given to them. 

One particular team stood out among the rest to our pleasant surprise. This team was particular in involving every single member of their team. Not only that, unlike the other teams who started off with tracing the picture given, this team instantly started painting the entire canvas in a gradient manner. It was breathtaking beyond words. 

Minute by minute, teams were getting closer to completing their individual pieces. What was most heartwarming was seeing teams proactively approach one another to ensure a smooth combination of their canvases to form the final picture.

Finally, it was time to see the beautiful artwork that the NTU SAO teams had painted! Gasps of awe, smiles and cheers could be heard once the NTU SAO witnessed the strength of a combined team effort to create such a masterpiece. ‘The Big Picture’ was undeniably a memorable activity for many as they witness their masterpiece being combined one by one, to form the greater whole and their one and only Big Picture. 

Art Jamming Big Picture-3
art jam big picture team building event
dancing team building event

Soon after, it was time for lunch break and re-registration for the next activity! Can anyone guess what the next activity was? (Hint: you need to get physical!) That’s right, it was the ONE and ONLY ‘DANCE MANIA!’. To combat the food coma, participants were first asked to partake in an after lunch energizer! These mini games tested both the intellect of the individuals as well as other components such as their instinctive reflexes! (sounds ambiguous doesn’t it?) Thereafter, it was really time to get grooving as the NTU SAO team were tasked to learn the choreography to their chosen song! 

“ ‘Cause you don’t even know, I can make your hands clap, said I can make your hands clap …” For the next two and a half hours, this was the only constant lyric. While this was definitely a step out of their comfort zones for many, it was inspiring to see the different demographics putting their best foot forward in learning the choreography. Needless to say, this activity was a test on individual and team strength. 

After all, “A team is only as strong as its weakest link” as mentioned by Mark Grey. This was definitely true as the 3 separate teams had to come together to form a final MTV dance video! After several practices, the final take was completed and served as evidence of the efforts by the teams in achieving a greater goal together. The memories of their “Big Picture” and dance as a team, will be kept for a long time, as will their paintings and videos of this memorable team building.

"This was our second time working with Funworks, and they have performed beyond our expectations each time. Funworks is patient, receptive to feedback and very willing to make adjustments and changes based on our requirements and demands. They also provided exemplary customer service in attending to our needs, and went above and beyond in managing the event. It has been a pleasure working with Funworks again!"
Ashleigh Chua
Chairperson, Organising Committee

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