As part of the Community@Work (C@W) programme, we work closely with organisations to ensure their progress through various events held within the 1 – year period. Together with their HR team or L&D department , we plan out the kinds of event that would meet their objectives , aligning with the organisation’ s year plan.

Recently, we held an innovation-focused event for the brilliant minds of one of our C@W clients, Fonterra, celebrating their FIRSTS in the current location at One George Street . The event opened with a commentary from Senior Leaders , Ann Rae and Geoff Meyer, on how the concept of FIRST evolved.


To get their gears going, Charlie Ang, a Business Futurist, Innovation Strategist and Venture Investor, conducted a workshop on mindset 4.0. He inspires to instill a growth mindset, and advises businesses to innovate and transform into future leading organisations in this disruptive and digital age. Prior to the event, participants were asked to imagine an idea that can improve, transform or reshape their industry and/or organisation in the next 3-8 years. The discussion that they had brought out a lot of splendid ideas like how Fonterra should have a mentorship programme led by the more junior ones who might offer new perspectives on old processes.

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We all know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. As such, after the thoughtful brainstorming sessions, it’s time to put their innovative ideas into practical plans with Spaghetti Tower. Some focused on building a strong base, while others figured out how to make it as high as possible.

As expected of the Fonterrians, they came up with ingenious ways not only to build the tower, but also to hold it up. Check out how smooth this guy is.


As a grand finale to the meaningful event, Ann Rae unveiled a wall that captured moments from milestones, achievements and celebrations that have happened through the years at their current location. It brought out a lot of memories and much excitement among the Fonterrians as they look over the pictures. Fonterrians were asked to share what ‘Being First’ means to them. One that stood out was, “First Is – Daring To Dream Without A Second Thought.”

With the impending Big Move ahead, we wish Fonterrians the very best in conquering new frontiers and reaching greater heights. Go Fonterra!

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