It is a no-brainer that technology is the key driving force behind all the changes in the world today. It is therefore essential for organisations to make innovation a priority in their systems and work processes in order to keep up with the times.

Here are five innovation practices that you can adopt to future-proof your business:

  1. Innovating for the sake of it is pointless. It has to address a certain problem or solve a particular issue. Always have your audience in mind as a goal so that your work can gear towards meeting their needs. That said, most people may not know what they actually need in a product or service. As such, as an innovator, you should analyse how your customers use or interact with the product or service, and identify their pain points aka problems. Only then will you be able to create a product or service of their dreams. The best outcome of innovation not only meets the needs of consumers, but also goes beyond their expectations.
  2. Innovation shouldn’t only stem from a person or even only a team in an organisation. It should be a culture that everyone in the company adopts. Having an innovative mindset pushes one’s limits and makes them fearless of failure. Welcome diversity in your teams and create an inclusive environment where people are comfortable to offer and accept new ideas that can ultimately be the ideal solution to your client’s problems.
  3. Speed and efficiency matter a lot when it comes to innovation. If something doesn’t work, learn what went wrong and quickly move on to develop a better version. Create a reliable and repeatable process that can help you to directly identify the pain points after each experiment and generate more ideas to fulfill the client’s needs.
  4. Take advantage of the vast world around you that can offer endless opportunities outside the limits of your own organisation. Even though the initial idea originates from within your organisation, some solutions can only happen when you collaborate with others. Identify the assets that you need and outsource them. Read more about Collaboration Pyramid from Oscar Berg, which can help you identify the layers of collaboration.
  5. With technology, one trend comes after another rapidly. It is therefore important to build a strong foundation and not get drowned by the disruptive waves. Have a strategy on how you can handle changes to the technological landscape, and keep your strengths in mind as you ride the waves. Perhaps if you find a particular trend aligned with your core ideas and values, you can feel free to adopt it.

Innovation ensures continual progress of your company for the future. It widens your horizons for you as creators and your audience as the end users. When you continue to innovate by adopting new technology as they come along, while designing the product or service suited to your consumer’s needs and keeping in tuned with your core foundation, you can future-proof your business.

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