- Nature Quest at Pulau Ubin -


Sometimes, all it takes is stepping away from the bustling city to declutter your mind from everyday stress (even if you’re still surrounded by the subjects of your stress). Just kidding. There is definitely something therapeutic about hearing the waves splashing and feeling the cool breeze in the mere 15-minute bumboat ride as it speeds across the sea. Upon arrival at Pulau Ubin, the rustic retreat embraces visitors with its idyllic life. It’s like stepping back in time when things are at a much slower pace, when you can while away the hours by the sea.

Now pair getting in touch with nature, with a sense of nostalgia, and you will be in for an introspective and retrospective time. Of course, that wasn’t exactly what the Lundbeck team was in for. The good four or so hours were well spent with the spirited Funworks Championship, an educational eco tour of Chek Jawa, and a hearty seafood lunch by the sea. Nonetheless, the welcoming change of environment made room for new ideas to be conceived and for new bonds to form. Brimming with enthusiasm with their body art that signifies their unity within their teams, the activity and other mini challenges got their gears going for a lively championship among the Lundbeckians.


The Lundbeck team displayed great resilience as they went from station to station, conquering each challenge with boundless energy. The kuti-kuti betting system no doubt rose their competitive spirit as the teams egged each other on before every game. Regardless of the outcome of the games, the teams carried on in good spirits, taking on the next challenge without a break.

The Lundbeckians tackled the challenges relentlessly, even when they had to repeat some tasks several times before they could proceed. Each team had a method in their madness and communicated their strategies well among their teammates.

The diverse team of Lundbeckians portrayed a sense of belonging to the organisation, looking at how well the colleagues interacted with one another. They also exhibited their trust in the other teams by willingly returning the miscalculated kuti-kutis to ensure a fair score. The values of the Kampung Spirit — social cohesion, understanding, and compromising — were indeed more apparent than ever during the championship. Kudos to the team!

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