Many at Lundbeck Singapore share the above belief as they come together for a day of fun and celebration with their family and colleagues in September 2018. Corporate Family Days are often deemed as an important annual event for companies, as they wish to acknowledge the hard work of their employees and the sacrifices of their family in supporting them through the work year!

Coinciding with the month of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the family day of Lundbeck Singapore had a western twist to it with the theme of “The Garden Festival”.


The staff of Lundbeck Singapore and their families were greeted by a colourful and uplifting venue specially decorated by the Funworks team, with lots of colourful lanterns, paper flowers, ribbons and of course not missing out on an Organic balloon arch for the “red carpet” entrance effect and to act as a pretty photo backdrop!

The key to hosting guests who are of a wide range of ages (from the kids to the adults, and other “grown-up” kids) is to ensure a wide variety of activities and entertainment that can cater to their interests and sustained their attention! With this in mind, our Funworks team went ahead to set up a variety of carnival games, hands-on workshop, family tele-matches and on-stage entertainment. What’s even more unique about this event is the opportunity for guests to engage with our interactive mirror photo-booth where they could take beautiful pictures on a rainbow ribbon background, and even signing their names or drawing on the pictures before printing!


With the day filled with activities, they had fun trying their hands at making their very own snow skin mooncake in various shapes, sizes, and designs. Letting their creative juices flow, their mooncakes came out amazing, with one even being the size of a Chinese “Bao” (Bun)!


As corporate family days also emphasizes on team building, and this time together with their families and colleagues’ families, screams of joy and excitement could be heard from afar amidst the laughter, cheers, and fun as the day transformed into one where families bonded on a personal and professional level, with a common goal — of being the Champion.

Replenished with energy from their sumptuous lunch, the afternoon took a relaxing turn where guests were entertained with the carnival games, and an exciting magic show with tricks not only for the children, but the adults as well!

As the laughter and screams wound down gradually together with the end of the event, what remained were the smiles on the faces of the guests, the fun and whacky photos in the mirror photo-booth, and not forgetting the happy memories created on this special day full of fun, joy, laughter, and of course, flowers.

Happy Family Day Lundbeck Singapore!

"Funworks – Professional, Responsible and Full of ideas. I like the fact that Anthony and team are very flexible whenever there is a situation. A lot of patience is given to me who sometimes forget about details. Bravo! It is always a great experience to work with Anthony – I have no worries as he takes care of the event like his very own. Very grateful. 🙂 "
Jenica Lam
HR Manager, Lundbeck Singapore

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