Many of us spend more of our waking hours with our co-workers than we do with our spouses and families. Hence, it is important to give employees the opportunity to build quality relationships with their colleagues. In fact, workplace relationship is the building block and key foundation for building team success within the organisation.

Many studies attempted to define what separates the high performing organisations from the rest – communication, teamwork, productivity etc – often called key success factors. Over time, it became apparent that many of these studies were saying the same thing but using different languages.

In my opinion, workplace relationship is the building block for all the key success factors. To strengthen communicationteamwork and collaboration within an organisation, we must first build a positive relationship amongst your employees. Without strengthening this relationship, it is almost impossible to achieve the outcomes we desire.

We have recently launched a new initiative, known as Community@Work, which focuses on strengthening employees’ relationships at the workplace. The programme aims to help our clients build a closer working relationship, enhance work-life balance and most importantly, to create a warm, happy and supportive community within their organisation. This is achieved through the planning and execution of multiple mini events (each with a different key focus) throughout the year, so as to keep employees continuously engaged.

Feel free to contact our Happiness Ambassadors if you are interested to find out more about the Community@Workprogramme.

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