Team Building is an important part of developing a strong bond between certain individuals, be it peer-to-peer or bosses-to-subordinates relationships. But, what kind of activities should you organise, and how will it help your team? Read on and learn more about some of the team building activities that you can organise for your organisation.

1.Egg Drop

The task is to build an egg package that can keep the egg intact from a 2-4 storey drop. Tools that can be provided include newspapers, straws, tape, plastic, balloons or any materials you can find in office.

2. Archery

Archery allows your teams to get together and compete against one another. It also requires a high amount of concentration, communication and teamwork.

3. Cooking

A great activity to break the ice and perfect for employees to get to know each other over a light-hearted activity.

4. Sports

What can be more effective than bonding with colleagues while keeping fit together. Participating in sports encourage teamwork and encourage maximum participation as everyone has an opportunity to get involved and contribute to team’s success.

5. Kayaking

Head out onto the water with your team for some fun. Try kayaking or double-kayaking, which requires high levels of concentration and good team work. If you are more adventurous, you can try build a cardboard boat on your own and have a race to see who can stay afloat!

6. Paintball

Paintball is a great physical team building exercise. It is also a great way of building trust and commitment while creating a strong team ethic.

7. Talking in Circle

Place everyone in a circle around a long piece of string that is tied at its end to form a circle. The team must create shapes with the string; square, triangle, fight of eight etc, but with everyone’s eyes shut!

8. Dog, Rice, Chicken

One member of the team, must take the rest of his team over a river. However, the boat is only big enough for himself and one other item. He can stop his dog from eating his chicken or the chicken from eating his rice.


Remember to award the winners with a small gift, a day-off or anything you think they’ll like. What other team building activities and exercises did you use to help your teams get to know each other and trust one another?

Need more ideas? Contact our Happiness Ambassadors for a quick chat to learn more about our fun and unique team building programmes.

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