Dance Mania

Participate in the most unforgettable Team Building event by moving and grooving to your body. You are required to learn simple dance moves that will be showcased during the Ultra-Dance Festival!

Each team will be split into their respective groups to learn their own dance moves. As a finale, they will come together to do a dance showcase as a whole. This would be videoed and showcase to everyone as a memory.

This dance mania activity is the perfect way to foster closer relationship and learn more about teamwork!


Programme Outline

  • Warm up and Stretching.
  • Basic rhythmic dance movement
  • Finale – Mass Dance

Key Takeaways

  • Team confidence
  • Collaboration
  • Support and Leadership

Dance Mania

Dance Team Bonding
Dancing team building
Dance Mania Team Building
Dancing Team Bonding Activity
Dancing team building
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