Masterchef Team Building Activity

An all-time favourite where participants compete in a series of exciting, challenging and fun activities as they progress along their journey of being Master Chefs!

Teams will compete to win key ingredients and utensils that may provide them with the competitive advantage when they enter the Pressure Test FINALE!

Participants are sure to have gained spoonfuls of teamwork, cups of happiness and pots of positive shared experiences.


Programme Outline

  • Participants will be given art materials to design their team apron, which they can bring home.
  • The first part is the Supermarket challenge where team are required to purchase the list of groceries given to them, through a series of missions that they need to pass.
  • Teams will be competing against each other across game stations as they attempt to win additional key ingredients, cooking utensils and decorative items which will help them greatly in the Pressure Test FINALE
  • Pressure Test – Participants are required to whip up a few dishes that best represent their team.

Key Takeaways

  • Creativity & innovation
  • Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Resources allocation
  • Time management


Bonding through cooking class
Cooking Team Building
Indoor Cooking Activity
Indoor Cooking Activity
Masterchef Cooking
Team building Programme
Cooking Class Team Building
Cooking Class Team Building
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