There is a constant whirlwind of change with new technologies, volatile markets, ubiquitous social media, and ever-expanding globalisation. Collectively, this is what keeps business owners up at night. To cope with all the complexities, having the right mindset would go a long way in ensuring that you not only keep afloat, but could also ride the waves triumphantly.

Here are four methods that you can implement in your adaptation plan:

  1. Typically when we focus on finding a solution, we would ask questions centering around the problem, especially when we already have a vague idea of the solution. Try asking different questions that can offer alternative perspectives and generate new ideas. Do not get too attached to a plausible solution. Narrowing down might render you inflexible and shut you off from exploring other possibilities that may be even better than what you had in mind initially.
  2. When working in a team, we might get trapped in groupthink, a psychological phenomenon that happens within a group of people in which the desire for harmony or conformity results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. This is a dangerous zone for any group that hopes to think out of the box. Instead of only discussing your ideas with like-minded people, talk to people of varying opinions – and try not to be too defensive about yours. Being close-minded will only hinder change and you should learn to accept multiple perspectives that can deepen your insight into an issue.
  3. Train yourself to see the bigger picture. Even though we might want to break a problem down into smaller parts and try to fix each component, looking at the bigger picture might offer more clarity. This is especially important in a dynamic and complex situation. Instead of focusing on each element, try to identify an overall pattern and see how they interact with one another. For example, if you are coming up with a new marketing plan, draw out each tool and technology, making sure they are aligned with your goals, and see how they can best market your product or service.
  4. One of the best ways to learn is through experimenting. Just like being acceptive of opinions that are not agreeable to yours, and asking diverse questions, be open to new experiments. More often than not, you will learn things that have not occured to you before.

It may not be as easy as it sounds, but shifting your mindset to embrace change can bring about a multitude of benefits. Just like any other skill, it can be honed over time. With a conscious effort, you will get better at managing complex situations and even begin to enjoy and thrive in such situations.

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