Ready to bring out your inner Picasso? Art Jamming is a perfect light-hearted activity suitable for both adults and kids of all ages. It is known to be therapeutic and is a great way to promote self expression, relieve stress and generate positive vibes! 

Purchase our Art Jamming DIY Kit and start a colourful painting session with your loved ones. 

art jamming workshop and diy kit

Standard Package

$ 20
per set
  • Art Canvas (30cm by 30cm)
  • 20ml Acrylic Paint x 5 Primary Colours
  • 2 Brushes
  • Paint Palette
  • Step-by-step Instruction Sheet
  • Colour Mixing Chart

Premium Package

$ 28
per set
  • Art Canvas (30cm by 30cm)
  • A Set of 12 tubes of Acrylic Paint
  • 3 Brushes
  • Paint Palette
  • Step-by-step Instruction Sheet
  • Colour Mixing Chart

Suitable For:

  • Team Building
  • Family Day 
  • Bring Kids to Work
  • Individual Activity 


Singapore is a fast moving society and work can be quite stressful. If you’re looking for a creative method to relieve stress, try art jamming. Painting or art jamming is therapeutic and it helps to direct your negative thoughts, stress & frustrations into a positive energy  You don’t necessarily have to stock up on your own art supplies – just do it the hassle-free way by going for an art jamming session.

The best thing about art jamming is that you don’t have to be an art student or someone who is actually good at painting. The whole point of the activity is to have fun, with no stress or pressure to produce the perfect art piece. And with us providing proper supplies, all you have to do is make a booking, show up, and get creative!

Materials Given:

You will be given all the necessary materials to create your art piece during the class.

  • 30cm x 30cm stretched canvas
  • Assorted acrylic paint colors
  • A set of paint brushes
  • Mixing paint palette
  • Pencil and eraser
  • Aprons

You may also bring along a reference image that you wish to paint. It can either be a printed or digital copy!

Workshop Outline:

This workshop is not guided as we encourage participants to explore and paint based on their own creativity. However, should you require assistance, our facilitators will provide guidance for your art jamming session. Packaging will be provided to bring your completed masterpiece home! 

Art jamming is also a great bonding activity for friends, family, couples and even the elderly! If you would like to create your own masterpiece in the comfort of your own home, we would highly recommend purchasing our Art Jamming DIY kits which start from $18/set!


Art Jamming Workshop Details:

Workshop Duration

1.5 to 2 hours


From $28/pax


5 pax




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