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Working in an organisation is not just about you and your colleagues. It involves your loved ones too.


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Corporate Family Day Organiser in Singapore

Organising Corporate Family Day event in Singapore is one of our specialities. Depending on your event requirements, the Family Day events can be executed with complete infrastructure including marquees, portable toilets and full event catering.

We have organised many corporate family day events all over Singapore and we want to bring the fun to you!

How to organise a (successful)
Family Day event?


Here are 6 steps towards your success …

Define Your Objective(s)

Before you start planning for the event, you must first ask yourself why are you doing this?

Create a Checklist

You will need to coordinate with the various vendors/suppliers and this can be rather tedious and overwhelming. Create a checklist to monitor the progress.

Make a Plan

Come up with a detailed project plan, which consists of your allocated budget, key milestones and the required resources.

Spread the Words

No event will be fun without your guests. Create a marketing campaign that captures your guests’ attention and make them want to attend your event.

Conceptualise a Programme

The types of activities should be suitable for your participants of all ages and fitness level. Most importantly, it must be aligned with your overall objectives of your event.

Follow the Run Sheet

Managing the big day can be very stressful as you will need to ensure everything run smoothly. Establish a run sheet to monitor the event flow will definitely be useful.

Here’s how we can add time to your life …

The biggest benefit of engaging an event organiser is that you can be a guest at your own event.

Funworks provides end-to-end service, from pre-event planning, to idea conceptualisation to actual day execution. We will work closely with you to understand your desired event outcome before proposing the theme setting. This includes arranging the audio and visual set-up (lighting, sound systems), overseeing the visual design and production of backdrop, invitation cards as well as the entertainment management (emcee, photo booth, performances, etc).

As the day belongs to you and your colleagues, the Organising Committee should not be involved in the actual operations of the event. Hence, all you need to do is to show off your creative sides by dressing up for the themed event and be prepared to be amused, impressed and entertained throughout the event.

In another word, Funworks will take care of every other things!

Our services include (and not limited to):

  • Pre-planning, concept development and actual day execution
  • Sourcing of venue, F&B, emcee & entertainment
  • Logistics support (venue decoration, system set-up)
  • Transport arrangement (if necessary)
  • Door gifts


Family Day

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As a corporate family day organiser, it is our mission to create a day for your company to remember. On top of helping you with the event planning, we will also advise you on how to select the right venue, the suitable emcee and entertainments and executing the perfect Family Day Event.

Funworks pride ourselves on providing the right amount of entertainment for all our Family Day events. The activities that we recommend are based on age suitable entertainment and can be categorised into the Children’s Zones, Adult’s Zones and Action Zones.

By focusing on activities for all ages from as little as 1 year old up to your oldest possible guest, all your guests will be engaged throughout the event.

Fringe Activities

Funworks provides a wide range of fringe activities. From arts and crafts activity booths to roving entertainment talents, we have it all! Share more about your event with us so that we can recommend the fringe activity that best suits your corporate or family day event in Singapore.

Face Painting

Face Painting is one of our most popular fringe activity for corporate events. Ranging from marvel superheroes to greek princesses or Elsa, our experienced face painting artists could draw them all!



Ever wondered how you and your guests might look like in a comic drawing? Let our talented caricaturist draw it out for you!


Balloon Sculpting

Balloon sculpting & twisting is a classic favourite for both kids and adults. Add a twist to your event by having them take home a “piece” of the event in the form of a princess, spider-man, or any other form of balloon sculpture created on the spot!


Henna Art

Keen to add some elements of culture and ancient art to your event? Engage one of our henna artists who takes drawing to another level with intricate designs of flowers, swirls and others!

Shrink Art

Learn how to make a customised shrink art of your own and bring it home as a keepsake! Create your art piece on a special plastic film and watch it shrink in the oven! A must-have entertainment for your personal, family or corporate event.

UV and Neon Tattoos

A step above temporary tattoos and traditional face painting, the UV and Neon tattoos service is one of the most sought after activity for corporate dinner and dance events. Watch your designs come to life when the lights dimmed!

Food Stalls (Live Stations)

Spice up your Family Day event by engaging some live food stations. Ranging from traditional ice cream to the ever popular popcorn and candy floss, having such live stations will definitely liven up your event!

Traditional Ice Cream

The Traditional Ice Cream live station is a must for outdoor events, especially for Singapore hot and humid weather. Select up to 3 different flavours with the options of breads, cones or cups!


Pop Corn and Candy Floss

All-time favourite snacks for both the children and adults. Free Flow of pop corn and candy floss to satisfy your childhood cravings!


Coconut Drinks & Ice Cream

Ice cream scooped in coconut husks, toppings of corn and peanuts, with juicy slices of fresh coconut flesh. Just like the coconut ice cream at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market!


Tutu Kueh

Fancy some Tutu Kueh filled with coconut or peanut in rice flour and pressed down on a cute flower shaped mould? It will definitely bring up the carnival’s atmosphere with this nostalgic snack.


Game Stalls

Carnival game stalls are great for your corporate family day event as they provide entertainment and amusement to your guests!

Animal Rides

Zoom Zoom. Similar to those that you see at shopping mall, these animal rides will definitely keep the children and adults occupied!


Carnival Game Stalls

Create a carnival themed party and event with these fun carnival games stalls.


Arcade Games

From the famous Arcade Basketball and Air Hockey Table to the super old school Daytona. We have it all.


Photo Booth

Taking photo booth fun to a whole new level by renting a mirror photo booth. The interactive animations will definitely engage your guests in a magical and colourful “selfie” experience.


Event Decoration

The entrance of your event space will be the first thing your guests see. Adding some WOW factors by decorating the event space will surely get your guests excited!

Themed Decoration

Decorate your event space according to your event theme will add more atmosphere to the event.


Balloon Arch

Adding a balloon arch or columns at the entrance of the venue will create the added element of anticipation for your guests.


You may want to read some of our
Family Day event newsletters:

“The team is well lead by Anthony & Si Min. Appreciate their extra effort in decorating the venue and inviting magician & games for the kids. The team help us a lot in the planning with their experience and passion. Thanks for accommodating with the multiple sudden events and changes & thanks to their quick wits, we are able to make this a successful event. Most of them have given very good feedbacks & the kids enjoyed themselves.”


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