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We understand the pain points of organising a team building event on your own as it can be very tedious and time-consuming to come up with creative ideas that tie to your key learning objectives, source for suitable venue, prepare the necessary logistics and many other tasks.

Funworks is a one-stop event organiser for organisations looking for a fun, meaningful and effective team bonding experience that encourages employee engagement.

From idea conceptualisation, logistics support to actual day event management, Funworks takes care of everything for you.

Tell us your event objectives and we will design and customise an activity for you. We do not compromise quality for profit, rather, our dedicated team works with you to develop the best event proposal that your budget can buy!

Team Building Framework


The spirit behind our FUNWORKS activity is about 3Cs:

Collaboration, Competition & Celebration

As a team, you will need to work closely together to complete each of your mission objective within the stipulated

The challenge is designed to bring out the feeling of competitiveness in individuals, which will spur you on to
uncover your full potential.

At the end of the day, we hope you can celebrate your unity in a

fun and thrilling manner.


Types of Team Building Activities

With a huge portfolio of corporate activities, you will definitely find a solution which will be both enjoyable and rewarding for your staff. Our packages provide all the essentials for any type of team building event of your choice.

Build & Create

Transform plain cardboards into a life size structure! Get energetic and creative with our unique programmes that require originality, ingenuity and energy to succeed.

Search & Hunt

Send your participants out on an exciting journey of discovery to explore the beautiful sights with our fun and challenging team missions.


Have you heard the saying “Food is the ingredient that binds people together”? Well, Funworks makes it happen through our various delicious and exciting programmes that involves food in various ways.

Get Active

Participate in our series of different sports and high energy programmes that will guarantee lots of fun, laughter, and of course perspiration. Compete in a wide variety of conventional and unconventional sport activities, involving many twists and surprises.

Strategise & Innovate

Strategise as a team and challenge each other in our mind stretching programmes that taps on your skills in communication, strategic thinking, and innovation.

Stay Indoor, Stay Cool

Who says fun team building programmes must be held outdoor? Get energetic and creative whilst exploring team dynamics and emotional intelligence with our unique indoor interactive team building programmes.

Build & Create

Cannot find what you want? Fret not, we can always customise a programme to suit your requirements

The Royal Chariot

Racing against the clock and each other, teams are required to pull together in this inspiring challenge which combines the skills of creativity, innovation and communication.

Teams will need to transform their cardboard materials into a life-sized racing chariot, where machine and human-power will work together in harmony. The challenge concludes with the Chariot of Fire, where teams will pull their teammate in their chariots, and race against their opponents.


Kingdom of Power

Each team will be given materials and they have to transform them into their life-sized kingdoms, which consist of a fortress, racing chariot, armours, shields and swords. The challenge concludes with a gladiator-themed Grand Parade, followed by the Final Battle where each kingdom pit their strongest fighters against each other.


Build & Race

Row, row, row your boat, and see if you can make it float! Teams are to make use of the cardboard materials and construct a seaworthy boat. As a finale, teams will take their boats and race against one another, either in a pool or the open sea! This is a challenge where your participants will experience the “impossible” become achievable!


Bridge of Unity

A fun, engaging and meaningful way to illustrate how all departments of an organisation strive towards their own goals, but also play a vital role in the bigger picture of the organisation’s goals. The effort of ALL teams are literally “linked” together in a powerful demonstration of Unity as One.


Fun City

Teams have to construct a giant model city that relies on creativity but also strong planning and discipline within the design and build teams. This is also a great opportunity for everyone in a team to collaborate, demonstrating that teams within teams pull together towards one common goal.



The best way to welcome the year of dog by transforming the plain cardboards into your favourite dog!


Search & Hunt

Cannot find what you want? Fret not, we can always customise a programme to suit your requirements

Nature Quest

The highlight of this team building activity is the opportunity for participants to experience nature at its best, while bonding as a team. This challenge can be conducted in the park, reservoir or nostalgic islands such as Pulau Ubin.


The Heritage Race

A great way to bring participants together – solving clues and travelling to the various cultural sites, while discovering more about Singapore’s cultural history and learning more about each other! It is the perfect recipe for companies to help their employees connect with each other in a deeper way, while integrating them into Singapore’s culture.


The Explorer

The Explorer Challenge gives teams an opportunity to explore the Sentosa island in a fun and intriguing way. It is designed for participants to experience both the historical and exciting sites of Sentosa, while discovering more about their team mates!




Cannot find what you want? Fret not, we can always customise a programme to suit your requirements

Nostalgic Food Hunt

Teams will go on a “FULL-filling” mission that takes them on a scavenger hunt of local foods at shops with more than 20 years of history. Through this mission, participants will have the opportunity to reminisce and walk down memory lane, getting to know one another on a deeper level. Teams must complete a given task before they can purchase & eat the food items. Upon completion of the task, the team will gain the number of “years” based on the age of each shop they visit.



An all-time favourite where participants compete in a series of exciting, challenging and fun activities as they progress along their journey of being Master Chefs! Teams will compete to win key ingredients and utensils that may provide them with the competitive advantage when they enter the Pressure Test FINALE!



Get Active

Cannot find what you want? Fret not, we can always customise a programme to suit your requirements


The team building activity re-invents your usual sports games into a series of exciting and challenging games, catered for participants of all age groups. It can be tailored to any venues – beach, futsal court, sports hall. Everyone has an opportunity to get involved and contribute to team’s success – there are roles for everybody.


Football Fiesta

Not enough of the FIFA World Cup 2018? Why not participate in the Soccer Fever. This team building activity is an intriguing quest that is suitable for all, a mission to unite soccer fans of all ages! With each team representing a World Cup squad, they will compete in a series of game stations that are related to football.


Amazing Race

Teams will have to solve clues to arrive at their destination. Challenges are then issued to the teams in the form of questions, clues, and pictures that they will work on together to complete. Apart from the route information, teams will face obstacles such as Detour, Road Block and even U-Turn that prevent them from advancing forward!

The team that reach the final pit stop with all of the completed missions first will be the ultimate winner!


Dance Mania

The Dance Mania activity is set to allow participants to unwind themselves through music and dance. The power of dance is an incredibly important and unique tool that allows your colleagues to discover more about one another.

When conducted as a team building event where people from all walks of life come together to celebrate the occasion, dancing mania becomes a force which can further strengthen the team bonding in your company.


Strategise & Innovate

Cannot find what you want? Fret not, we can always customise a programme to suit your requirements

Final ONE

Upon successful completion of each mission, teams will get to pick 1 – 2 digit tags (from 0 to 9) or arithmetic operators [e.g. +, -, ()], as well as earn coins. As a finale, teams are to make use of their digit tags and operators to form the value ONE. The first team that does so, and have the most coins left will be the FINAL ONE.


Calling the Shots

Calling the Shots is a customised business game where teams learn to pursue business opportunities together, and to allocate resources carefully in order to achieve targets. A highly intense game where teams will need to exhibit their negotiation skills in order to win the game. This programme is the perfect recipe for management teams to get to know each other in a deeper way, while exploring how they can better communicate and listen to one another.


The Chain Reaction

Teams must create a series of simple machines, which when joined together with those from other teams, and form a chain reaction. After construction and testing is completed, teams will then trigger the reaction where it will flow from start to finish without a hiccup!



Stay Indoor, Stay Cool

Cannot find what you want? Fret not, we can always customise a programme to suit your requirements

Be Nostalgic

Participants are required to bring an item that is of sentimental value and reminds them of their younger days or childhood. The older the item (base on years), the more bonus points they get! The highlight of this team building activity is to bring the participants down the memory lane, reminiscing the past while learning more about each other!


Big Picture

This team building activity illustrates the importance of looking at the ‘big picture’, particularly when looking at an organisation and how its people operate and communicate internally. Each team is responsible for painting one or several individual canvases. Each canvas is small segment, which will make up the final artwork.


Gold Rush

The Gold Rush challenge is an indoor team building activity that re-invents the definition of having fun in office through a series of exciting and challenging games, catered for participants of all age groups. With a library of over hundreds types of games and playing styles, we have put together a session of Office Games for your staff to bond over a time of fun and celebration.


Office Olympic

Funworks will host your company’s very own office olympic to encourage employee to stay fit not only in mind but also in body. In this Office Olympic team building activity, we encourage employee to stay fit not only in mind but also in body through a series of fun physical exercises which we can play in the office.


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The theme nostalgia bring back lots of memories and most staff felt that it was an enjoyable, fun and memorable team bonding event.

The event was well organised and professionally run. Anthony was very good and the helpers very helpful too. More IHiS department should go for this event to build up the team bonding.


This is the best team building event in 13 years!

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