Big Picture Team Building Activity

This team building activity illustrates the importance of looking at the ‘big picture’, particularly when looking at an organisation and how its people operate and communicate internally.

Each team is responsible for painting one or several individual canvases. Each canvas is small segment, which will make up the final artwork.

Team will need to consult and cooperate with the teams who have canvases joining theirs, to ensure the lines and colour match up.


Programme Outline

  • Each team will be given their own sets of materials, paints, brushes and a diagram outlining their individual canvas. They will then mix paints to create the right colours and paint their canvas.
  • As they continue to work on their painting, they will then realise that in order to form the bigger picture, they need to cooperate with other teams rather than compete.
  • Teams will communicate and cooperate with other teams who have canvases joining theirs, to ensure the lines and colour match up.

Key Takeaways

  • Teamwork & collaboration
  • Communication
  • Eye for detail
  • Time management

Big Picture

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