Office Olympic

Funworks will host your company’s very own office olympic to encourage employee to stay fit not only in mind but also in body.

In this Office Olympic team building activity, we encourage
employee to stay fit not only in mind but also in body through a series of fun physical exercises which we can play in the office.


Programme Outline

  • The specially designed activities in the “Health is Wealth” Day aim to improve and develop participants’ mental, emotional and physical wellness.
  • The participants, representing their business units, will compete in various sports which will test their mental and physical strength, balance and agility. It includes our unique games such as Double Skip, Waddle Race, LeBron Dunk, Weight Lift and Mechanical Hand.
  • The business unit which won the most gold will be crowned the Olympic champion.

Key Takeaways

  • Teamwork & team identity
  • Communication & collaboration
  • Resources allocation
  • Stress management

Office Olympics

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