Funworks Cancellation Policy

In view of the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Singapore, Funworks has amended our cancellation and postponement policy. We at Funworks, acknowledge the importance of health and safety of everyone, and follow closely with the Government’s advisory and precautionary measures. You may refer to our safety advisory on how we combat against the virus.

That said, the different organisational workplans and events may still need to be discussed and planned as we move forward. As an experienced event organiser, we understand the frustrations and concerns brought about in the current situation. As committees would like to start the discussion and planning of corporate events in the coming months (so that there isn’t a mad rush when the time comes!), fear of uncertainty and anxiety about the evolving situation still looms in your mind. 

What if the situation doesn’t get better and we have to cancel the event? What if the situation worsened but I have already confirmed the event? Is it even a good time to start planning?

We are here to answer your queries!

Yes, you can start planning and discussing with us.

This allows you more time to prepare, to lock down a tentative date with us early (as dates in the second half of the year are running out fast!), and to lock down the current price. 

To address your feelings of uncertainty and anxiety, we will also be offering FREE cancellation and postponement of all events booked during this period. Should the DORSCON level remain at orange or increases to red (fingers crossed) nearing to your event date, we will allow you to cancel or postpone your event with us, at not additional cost. 

This policy applies as long as we are at DORSCON Orange or more. We hope that with these reassurances, we will be able to offer our assistance and services to you while allying the anxiety of having to incur cost when you cancel or postpone. Together, we can overcome this!

Interested to find out more? Call us and we’ll be happy to assist!


Anthony Wang

Founder | Chief Engagement Officer

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