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November 3rd, 2017 would forever be etched in the history of the Yokogawa Legion as The Grand Renaissance.Filled with renewed spirit and extreme ardor, the 500 Yokozons went on to build 20 castles and chariots, 100 knight’s outfits (helmet and armour) and 500 shields and swords out of cardboard, amongst other challenges.


There is strength in numbers, but there is definitely greater strength in the solidarity of numbers. To start off the big day ahead, the 20 Yokogawa Kingdoms forged a unique kingdom identity by designing a kingdom flag.

The initially plain rectangular white cloths were transformed into beautiful, bold pieces with their collaborated efforts and combined creative juices. The flags were flown high and proud throughout the entire day. To further reinforce their unique identity, the Yokozons also adorned themselves with body art, and some had complete gears and costumes to vibe with their tribe.

Along with the Kingdom Flag, the Yokozons were also tasked to compose a War Cry for a Battle Cry Showdown. The Kingdoms were judged by the Kings on the magnitude of their fighting spirit. Some Kingdoms even had full-on processions complete with their own band and choreography. It was a sight and sound to behold.


The most grandiose challenge yet was Build for Battle, where castles, chariots, swords, shields, armours, helmets, and what-have-yous were created solely from cardboard.

The Yokozons (with engineering background) are on a different level from mere humans. Their ingenuity and craftsmanship were literally off the roof. The whole site ended up looking like a war scene from Lord Of The Rings or a life-sized Minecraft. Some castles even had drawbridges and aircraft warning lights. Epic much.


With all 20 castles lined up around the perimeters of the site, The Grand Parade ensued with a Royal Inspection by King Kaz and King Jun. Each Kingdom welcomed the Kings with great reverence and a special ritual unique to their tribe.


To test the agility and dexterity of the Yokozons (and the sturdiness of the chariot), the Yokozons had an inter- Kingdom relay race. Alas, some chariots were built to last, while others were reduced to dust. Nevertheless, the Yokozons buckled down and pressed on to complete the race. Regardless of the chariots, the fighting spirit of the Yokozons was definitely on fire.

King Kaz and King Jun were immensely satisfied with and proud of the Yokozons who did their best in the challenges. King Jun gave a closing speech to congratulate his people for their tenacity and believes that the Yokogawa Legion will continue to progress. Through The Grand Renaissance, the Yokozons have strengthened the unity within their own Kingdom, and within the whole Legion. Yokogawa Banzai! \o/

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